Weekend in the UP


Crossing the Machinaw Bridge is a breath of fresh air…literally the air is always clean, crisp, with distinctness that I can’t explain.  The lake water and the earth combine in the most delightful way to create an atmosphere that says “welcome”, you are here, slow down, take a deep breath, enjoy.  The most basic tasks become the focus of the day…walking, cooking, sitting and talking, looking.  Also, we have the time to enjoy working together….things like berry picking, tearing down the old garage, building and organizing the new one, gathering firewood for the woodstove, and gathering native plants to take home (with permission of course).   This past weekend, my SIL Laurie and I enjoyed these things, along with playing around with our cameras, and we also grabbed a chair and watched the guys work quite alot.  The cabin needed a new porch roof…the first one, built in the 60’s succumbed to time and weather. 










 Before and after photos.  Not done yet, but good start.  Nice work Jeff and Hank. 

Just a few of the kazillion pictures I took:










Yes, that’s Marlo…up north to her is all about being joyfully free to roam and run.

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  1. Love the new portico… are we gonna get a custom metalwork for the peak?? I think we should.

  2. What a wonderful weekend you had!! Love the pictures of Mary at their place also! Beautiful flowers too!! Sue

  3. I have been hearing about this place for 21 years. Someday, I would like to visit!

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