Holiday weekend


We had a fantastic weekend in the UP.    Fair weather, fine friends and family made it even better.  Of course, we could have lived without those ticks, mosquitos, and noseeums.  Everytime I go up, I have to learn the hard way about not wearing hairspray or mousse.  Whatever is it about hair product that they like so well….

On the way up we stopped in West Branch and stayed overnight at our friends and neighbors, Nick and Mary.  This is Mary, me, and mominlaw Rada on the pontoon boat.  They have a gorgeous spot, with wetlands, acreage and a gazebo built for a about 40 people.  Rada has one of the most impressive and well tended vegetable gardens I’ve seen.   When I’m in my 70’s I want to have her energy and stamina. 

I loved their boardwalk, crossing the wetlands, that leads to the dock.  Growing alongside the cattails were wild roses, very surprising isn’t it.

Jeff captured the sunrise off their dock.  Could this be why the lake is named “Peach Lake”?

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  1. I wish I would have taken a photo of Rada’s garden, next time. Please go ahead and use the photo as a resource, can’t wait to see it.

  2. Peach Lake sure looks yummy!
    My Grandma used to live up near West Branch in Fairview/Comins area.

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