May Take it Further Challenge


I enjoyed working with the color pallette this month.  Springtime colors:

But there is something else about these colors, and the way I used them.  Here is my TIF
 piece, its about 9 x 12 inches.  Wool felt, needle felting, embroidery.  What’s new this month is cutting away 2 layers, and backing the piece with a piece of cotton.  This is the first month I’ve used hand embroidery extensively.  I think it kind of looks ameoba-ish, kind of lunar, outerspace 50’s.  But also, doesn’t it look like baby colors, traditional nursery colors.  At least this is what I emphasized with the pallette.  For good reason too.  The thoughtful part of this month’s challenge is the question:  What do you call yourself.  And I shall soon call myself “Grandma”……..ooh that looks odd.  How can I associate myself with that word.   I will get used to the label.  But the truth is, I am overjoyed.   My son, TJ and his wife, Amber are expecting….

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  1. Glad you “outed” yourself on the blog, GRANDMA!!!!!!! You will be divine!
    Grandma Deb and Grandpa Genius. What a sweet couple!

  2. I agree it looks very organic, or biological! Certainly a good and different way to interpret those pastel colours. I like it. I’ll come back and see what you do with June’s colours or concept.

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