Time to plant the tomatoes


This is an heirloom variety that I love, called German Pinks.  I have Greye’s Greenhouse start a batch for me every year from seeds I save.  The original seeds were a gift, and if I do not harvest the seeds myself, I will not be able to have my German Pinks the next year.  I am not a big tomato lover, but these tomatoes are so sweet and delicious.  They are late harvesters, and huge, and by produce store standards not very pretty to look at.  But their taste more than makes up for their deficiencies.  I have a little giveaway for my local friends….would you like a german pink plant or two?  I love to share this wonderful plant, why don’t you give one a try.  Let me know, and I will reserve one for you. 

4 responses »

  1. I’d love one!! I always tell my boys that a ripe tomato right off the vine is a piece of sunshine.

  2. I love Greye’s Greenhouse. Have you ever seen their monster passion vine when its in bloom? The flowers look like something from a sci-fi movie, its great!

    I’d love a tomato plant but our squirrels here are the absolute devil. Every time we have planted tomato plants the little monsters chew them down to stumps. Be sure to post pictures of the tomatoes once they have grown!

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