Upper Peninsula Michigan


Thank you everyone for your comments!  Vero, the meringue rhubarb/strawberry pie sounds delicious and is something  I will try.  Steph, my doublefile vib. is next to the rhubarb, in front of the compost pile.  I promise, this weekend will hold a rhubarb treat.  And Kel, would love for your mom to come for a tour and a visit. 

My sweetie, the Mr K….Jeff returned from the UP with some beautiful pictures that I can’t help but share with you.  This place up north means so much to me.  We’ve spent most of our summers up there on the shores of Lake Michigan, with our children and extended family.  I’ve learned the geography, history, made lifelong friends…and just enjoy the peace and solitude that the lake and this little place in the woods has to offer. 

  Gierke Creek wandering to the Lake

 And looking backwards towards the woods

  Marsh Marigolds????

  Dutchmen’s Breeches

  Weather approaching across the Lake

  May 18

  Snow/sleet disappeared in a few hours.

While we are on the subject of Mr K., he is an artist who works in metal.  Specifically metal banding. He hammers, cajoles and welds the banding into birds, animals, and most recently an angel for a client’s Mother’s day gift.  The sculptures are usually meant for an outdoor setting, but has done several for indoors.  Have a look at his new website…  He is a very talented artist, in his work, his sculptures, his photos and in life…using his practical and creative mind to solve problems, and create. 


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  1. Beautiful pictures! He does do awesome work! You two are one creative pair!!!

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