What’s blooming


 Japanese Tree Peony.   I am pleasantly surprised that this plant truly loves dappled shade, unlike its more common cousin, herbeaceous peony.   I’ve had this specimen for probably 25 years, its one of those plants that I would have to take with if we should ever move.  Its a faithful, dependable friend that has put up with more than its share of neglect and constant relocating during its early years. 

Viburnum mariesii, doublefile viburnum  I love that this plant looks so dramatic, not only when flowering but all the time.  Its branching is exotic, with a Japanese feeling, yet it is in a family of native woodland plants.  And if you want to attract birds, this plant will do just that with its berries.  Darn cool plant! 

I’m curious, who likes rhubard????  Seems you either love it or hate it, or it doesn’t agree with you.  Wow is it sour, too….lots of sugar required.  Does anyone have a favorite rhubard recipe?  I make rhubard crisp and rhubard cake.  Everyone knows the leaves are poisonous if consumed, right?  And you also know not to cook rhubard in a metal pan, of  course.  Personally, almost nothing is better than a rhubarb/straberry pie, and with a June birthday I often requested this instead of cake.  Did you ever notice how rhubard sometimes coats your teeth, that’s why its good to cut it with other fruit.  This patch came from Jeff’s home in Detroit back in the 70’s….and who knows before that.  As attractive as these flower stalks are, they must be removed, can’t let it go to seed….

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  1. I am hoping to bring my Mom over sometime this summer to see your loverly yard. Since we missed last years Yard Tour Extravaganza!

  2. Oooh I would love to have that rhubard growing in my garden. Have you tried Rhubarb cake with meringue on top?

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