Mosaic day


today.  Kat and I worked hard.  Here is what I accomplished:

When Kathie was visiting two weeks ago, she started this mosaic of nasturtiums.  I finished it up today, minus grouting…that will come when all glue is dry.  Hope you like it Kathie! 

This second one I worked on is proving to be difficult, it needed to be set aside for awhile.  Here is my progress today:

And here is the last, Purple Coneflower, Echinacea…..



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  1. These are just beautiful. What is the surface you’re using to do the mosaics on? Would love to know of a lightweight something that wouldn’t buckle!

  2. Hi Caprilis: They are not meant for outdoors. So, they could be wallhangings, trivets, trays. That’s kinda where I am at now. Am looking forward to doing something for outside though.

  3. Deb, I LOVE it. You did a fantastic job finishing it. Far better than I could have done.

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