Missy Bibbsy close call

I can finally tell you this story, the outcome has a happy ending.  It all started a week ago last Tuesday, first thing in the morning.   Bibbs had a string laying under her, draped across the back of a chair.  My friend Kathie, Jackie and I were all on the porch, enjoying that first cup of coffee when we discovered that the string’s source was her mouth.  I picked her up, and pulled a little, and just a few inches of string came out before she squirmed out of my grasp and took off running under the dining room table, with the perle cotton trailing behind her.   The string caught under the table leg, while she kept running.  About 9 additional feet of string pulled out before she stopped in her tracks, obviously hurt.   We picked her up again and tried to pull out the rest of the string(who knows how much was still in her digestive tract..a few inches or feet????), but it wouldn’t budge.  So I cut the string, and rushed her to the vet, they induced vomiting…no string.  The danger is that the string could get caught up in her stomach or small intestine and twist and fold and bunch her gut up…not a good thing.   A few hours later, we brought her home but she was soooo sick….won’t go into detail.  We continued to watch her that evening, she did okay.  But in the morning she was obviously weak, in much distress and I was questioning whether she would even make it.  I took her to my SIL’s vet….he cleared his schedule and operated on Bibbs that afternoon.  He didn’t find any string, (so it must have passed safely to the large intestine) but he also said in 30 years he had never seen a stomach so severely lacerated as Bibbs.  This had to happen when the string was caught under the table leg and she kept running, causing a violent ripping internally.  She had a three day stay at the hospital after this surgery, then she came home and has slowly recuperated.  She really was such a good little patient, with just a little protest when the tech’s had to attend to her, took her pills so easily, too.  Finally, she is the happy kitty that I know and love, eating well, all bodily functions working well….phew….what a close call.  There is a risk that she will develop scar tissue, but we are hoping and praying that all will go well.  My sewing room door is always closed now, she is not allowed in there.  I am very very careful to put all thread and yarn away.   She is my Miracle Kitty!


6 thoughts on “Missy Bibbsy close call”

  1. Whooo, it is so scary when our pets get in distress like that. Amazing what crazy situations they can get into, in just a matter of seconds or minutes – kinda like babies. Hope all goes well for kitty!

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