Florida’s flowers and foliage


Today I take you to visit my SIL, Patrice, her husband Jim and their beautiful place on North Captiva Island.  Patrice is a natural at landscape design, and has a love and curiousity for plants. She’s constantly experimenting, moving, pruning, adjusting, and maybe most of all keeping the jungle tame.  Her landscape is wild, full of native plants, but also perfectly manicured…its all in the details, right Pat!   As you walk up the road, and approach the house, a hedge of croton grabs your attention. 

The color is so intense and rich:

A view of the garden when approaching from the opposite direction:

Wandering towards the pool:

In the above  photo you can see the backside of the night blooming cereus.  Move around to the front:

Looking across the pool, to the sea grape tree:

I love the sea grape, it grows in interesting and weird contortions:

Wandering down the paths, Christmas palms and crown of thorns:

This is just a sampling of the interesting plants and well thought out design of Patt and Jim’s tropical garden—called “Island Greens”.  Patt, just stay away from those fire ants, okay???   

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  1. She has a gift alright! Love the crazy haired guy! Your pictures are beautiful.

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