Critters on the Island


Today I share the wild and not so wild life on the island…..


Brown pelicans

Can you see the bald eagle in the nest?  Pretty small, sorry. She had baby chicks in there.

Red shouldered hawk

Gopher tortoise, they are quite large.  The shell is about 18 inches long on the large ones.

Here’s a young one with a brightly colored and textured shell. 

Saving the best for last………………………

Meet Splash….Patt and Jim’s little female sheltie.  She loves to walk the beach, run the beach.  For every mile we walked she must have run 5 miles.  She will see a bird flying offshore and run along the beach following it until she is a speck in the distance.  Then she comes back only to start the game again.  The birds seem to purposely tantalize her by swooping in and out along the waterline as if they are enjoying the game too, and then fly off after they’ve had their fun. 

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