Thanks Joan, for the reminder


and request for Florida pictures. I have wanted to do this, but my posthysterectomy mind kept forgetting. Today I focus on the waters surrounding North Captiva Island, Florida….

Above is a “fish house”.  These were built by the federal government in the 20’s and 30’s as a stopping place for commercial fisherman.  This one is an island landmark that is at the entrance  channel to the island.  It suffered quite alot during hurricane Charlie, but has been renovated by the owners (yes, its privately owned).    The fish hawks (ospreys) love to nest and rest on it. 

And here is a couple of “hunky” guys (okay you know how old I am now) who just couldn’t give up on fishing:

And lastly, us girls….Lisa and Patrice (SIL’s and so much more….good friends, sisters, I love you girls) and I playing on the beach:

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  1. It looks like you had a great vacation! However, I bet you’re already wondering “did I really go away?” That always happens to me when I return home!

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