Take it Further-March


Take if Further Challenge for March, issued by Sharon at In a Minute Ago is the above color pallette, and/or the concept of “details”.  I have set precedent for working with the color pallette in January and February,  and have continued that this month of March.  These colors were difficult for me, as they remind me of the tiresome burgandy/hunter green trend in home decor during the 80’s and 90’s.  But thank goodness for that purple, it made the whole mix much more interesting.  I pulled wool felt pieces out of my stash to work with.  Circles continue to be the theme too.  But this time, expanding on the past two months, I have added reverse applique by cutting into the gold felt to expose a layer of black felt underneath.  The result is worthy of further experiments,  its easy to add detail without complicating construction with tiny applique pieces. 

The colors do not look true, the grape looks royal blue, and the burgandy looks purple on my screen.  I included some needle felting, to mottle the gold with black.   Seems to have a look of cells under a microscope. 

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  1. I am really liking this piece. I don’t know why but for some reason it makes me think of something primal or prehistoric.

  2. Thank You Deb. Kat forwarded the message you sent her about my fish. It’s means alot coming from you… a published doll artist.
    Theres so much I don’t know about doll making. BUT that will be my summer project. For now I have a couple more fish to make, for my Fish Sticks series.
    I’m also enjoying your blog. —-<-@ Karen

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