Can’t help it


I’m mesmerized….she is just too much…..take a look at those white whiskers

Napping in a sunny spot on the porch.  But then, I start clicking that camera….nap interrupted, not too pleased, a little perturbed….

Oh well, resignation….maybe if I stay perfectly still and glare at her she will leave…..

Okay….I’ll go back to painting the kitchen, you continue your nap, misspriss. 

5 responses »

  1. Great Kitty pictures, nevermind the whiskers it’s those raised eyebrows in the second picture that had me in stitches 🙂

  2. Well, I don’t know how you would get the look. But I do know that I would have that look without regular scheduled maintenance!

  3. Miss Bibbs is a beautiful kitty-witty! I wouldn’t be able to walk past without nuzzling.

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