Artist Trading Cards=fun experiments…..  I belong to a group that meets monthly.  We have been trading these cards for over  2 years already.  We also collaborate on different projects, and share what we know with each other at our meetings.   This truly  is one of my favorite pastimes, the people are great..creative and enthusiastic, its a good challenge, and I come home with a handful of little pieces of art. 

Everyone works in different mediums and has a different style.  I have a rule, mine must be fabric.   Mini artquilts.  The theme for March is “Birds”.  These are muslin, freemotion/drawn by machine in black thread to create the outline, then painted or colorpenciled. 

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  1. OKAY! I LOVE those!!! Trees, leaves and birds… so ME!
    Now, you know my colors… You know I’ve been wanting something to hang on that short wall between the kitchen and family room at the end of the breakfast bar.
    About 30″ wide would be good… and just about as tall. (Gee, that’s almost a whole quilt isn’t it?)
    You could even add a few cats at the base of the tree… hummmmm whaddaya think???????

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