Sewing room tour


I am one of the lucky ones, having a room of my own.  Let me give you a tour while its still somewhat orderly:

Walk in, turn right:  Bookcase and ironing board. 2-7-08-020a.jpg

Sewing machine area:2-7-08-023a.jpg

My desk, during the day those blinds are wide open:  2-7-08-016a.jpg

Big worktable on wheels:2-7-08-017a.jpg

Serious Singer 20U, and felt board:  2-7-08-019a.jpg

Definitely cozy, but very functional.  FYI:  My fabric and yarn and “other stuff” stash is in a different room. 

3 responses »

  1. Thanks for the tour. The room is terrific. And don’t believe Steph, it’s possible she has an ulterior motive.

  2. The room where ALL the magic happens! Is that Sundance Gold on the walls? It all looks loverly.

  3. So…that horse picture doesn’t look that good in there. I think you should give it to me 🙂 JK, the room looks nice! I don’t know that I’ve ever seen it that clean 🙂

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