Where I Stand Sunday


Late for this post from North Captiva, Florida…….Island time always runs a little slow

Apologies to all of my Michigan friends…..just remember that better weather is coming our way, soon.  L et me gush a little about North Captiva Island. It was 80 degrees yesterday, and with the gentle ocean breeze what could be more perfect.  The fishing was good, 14 sea trout that we will fry up later.  Patt and Jim’s place here is truly an island paradise, as you can get a glimpse from the photo.  Patt has turned the property into a garden extrodinaire, with all sorts of mysterious plant species that this Michigan gardener finds unfamiliar but fascinating.    This place is not your typical crazy busy Florida….its rather rustic here.  But not in  a primitive sort of way, the houses are beautiful, and property is at a premium.  What I mean is the roads are gravel paths(with no gasoline engines allowed), there is only one tiny little store here, one restaurant.    Walking, bicycles, and golfcarts are the modes of transportation.  We boat over from Pine Island with luggage and groceries.  Its about a half hour trip of watching sea life such as dolphins, white pelicans, while navigating through the sound.  Besides flying in, boating over is the only way to reach the island.  The days pass just a little slower here, with time to enjoy nature and each other.  Thank you Capri P and Jim….for these days of sunshine and good times. 

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  1. Hey Deb check out creativelittledaisy, on my blogroll, and see what she is making! Maybe a future project??

  2. Hi Deb, What a great shot.. it put me in the tropics for a respite if only for a minute. I won’t even tell you about the snow forcast for tonight here, wouldn’t want to make you feel sorry for me, LOL… Enjoy the sunshine !!

  3. I am reading this to the sound of Jim snow blowing. AAAAHHHHH my jealousy is strong! Say hi to all the Folk and I hope you have as much fun ALL week as you were having the other night when I received “the phone call”, you know when you all were fishin’ for sharks off the dock????? Love you Gals!

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