Take it Further Challenge-February

Colors playing against each other….blue and orange competing for attention on opposite sides of the color wheel.  I liked this arrangement, but I like the next one better.

I decided to forego the circle template and just free hand cut.  Much more interesting being purposely off kilter.  Added some wool fleece by needle felting to give the circles a more organic look.  And free motion embroidered the background, touching the circles to hold them down.  This piece needs a little more stitching, maybe some beads.  Perhaps it will become another pillow (12 x 12 inches), or a small purse/pouch, or ?????.  Welcome any suggestions. 


12 thoughts on “Take it Further Challenge-February”

  1. This is really lovely, I love the way that you used the color scheme. I am getting more and more intrigued by needlefelting. The free motion quilting is a perfect touch.

    I wasn’t thrilled by the color scheme this month, but I love the colors in this. I guess I didn’t give it enough thought.

  2. I love circles. I really really like your piece.
    The circular motifs of the free motion embroidery is simply perfect.I think a pillow will allow the eye to feast on the composition of the circles.

  3. Love it, Deb. The complementary colors give it plenty of energy and the muted hues give it richness rather than busyness.


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