Take it Further Challenge for February


Sharon’s Take it Further color pallette for February is:

She also offered a second choice for a theme of “I am old enough to remember……”.  But as with last month, I enjoy working with the color scheme.  I was able to pull the right colors off the shelf, in wool felt:

    These colors bring to mind a sunrise on Lake Michigan.  The deeper blues the color of water not yet illuminated  by the sun, the copper and peach shades of the sky just before sunrise, and the icy blue sparkling glints of light rolling over the lake surface.  But, then, they are also winter colors.  The copper leaves holding on the old maple right outside the window.  Grey blues of the sky, tiny peach buds offering a hint of spring.  Silvery blue snowflakes.  Where will this go?

2 responses »

  1. Where do you get your wool felt from Deb? The colors are stunning and I love the folk art look it produces! 🙂


  2. I don’t know, both sound lovely! I guess we’ll just wait and see what you make of it.I’m sure it will be purty.

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