Happy Chinese New Year


This is the year of the Rat.  And did you know….well let me start at the beginning.  

Today Jackie (youngest daughter) got into a little auto accident on her way home from work.   (Not her fault, and no injuries, just a little damage to her car.)   But anyways,  the other driver was a young Chinese woman.  The two got to chatting, while waiting for the police to arrive(no swearing, no finger emoticons, no fistfights, just chatting…I raised a civilized girl).  The Chinese girl was on her way to her parent’s for dinner…to celebrate the New Year.  She mentioned that this is the year of the Rat, and she was born during the year of the Rat, too.  So evidently, because of this, it is to be her year of bad luck.  And isn’t she starting the year right, an auto accident on the very first day. 

Today was spent cleaning out the studio.  Rearranged everything, and am lovin’ it!  I will post pictures very soon, before too many projects clutter it up.  But here is my almost-finished leaf pillow to show you:2-7-08-026a.jpg

The fabric is wool felt, embroidered with perle cottons, beads and sequins.  Here is a leaf detail:


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  2. I love the pillow! Glad Jackie is OK. BTW, you have raised three absolutely wonderful children.

  3. That is simply beautiful! You should start a pillow business with all of your pretties! Where will you put this?
    SOOOO glad Jackie wasn’t hurt. Thank you Lord.

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