Painting the kitchen


I have had paint chips taped to my walls, off and on for a long time now… a year at least.  I want color, cheerful color….I thought I wanted yellow.  So I’ve auditioned various yellows, Bee’s wax, chamois, blonde, mango, evocative sunlight…and then at my friend Babe’s house found the perfect color on her walls, I even  liked the name “Golden Margarita”.  It was a buttery yellow.  I just knew it would be perfect.  I bought the gallon.  Jeff  put the tall step ladder on top of the island and painted the skylight walls with Golden Margarita.  I thought it would really look like sunshine streaming in, cast a lovely glow to the whole area.  I was wrong.  When the sun is shining directly on it, as it does in Babe’s house, it is that lovely butter yellow.  But in the shadows, it completely changes to a bright mustard yellow. I wouldn’t mind bright yellow, but it clashes with everything else in my kitchen/dining room.  So tonight, I had to break the news to him that the skylight would need a change of color….he didn’t say much….I think he will try and talk me out of it at a later time.  Or maybe he thinks I will talk myself back into it at a later time.  I would never do that, have never done that in my whole life!  Never once. 

The story continues. Yesterday evening in an attempt to find THE color, I had a quart of a terra cotta left over from something, and I painted the sink alcove with this.  It turned from terra cotta to pink.  No, not in my kitchen.  So this morning, another last ditch effort, I painted the sink alcove with Golden Margarita…did not work this time either.  Steph and I met for our weekly lunch today.  We started talking about paint.  Actually I did most of the talking.    We went round and round with colors…we have an amazing color name vocabulary.  She finally suggested “Tapestry”.  I know this color, its Ralph Lauren, have pocketed that chip a half dozen times because I liked it so much.  So after lunch, I ran to Home Depot.  Then for the third time in less than 24 hours, I painted the sink alcove.  And yes,  success!  I love this color, it sets off the copper tiles perfectly.  But now, do I paint the whole kitchen this rather dark, but luscious, color…or just use it as an accent.  More paint pondering to come.   I’ll have you know that picking colors is not always this hard for me….

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  1. And that is why I have your SIL as my decorator!! LOL! I am so in the same boat as you with the paint chips taped to the walls.Patt & I taped paint swatches in the basement & she has wintered in Fla. TWICE I think! LOL Once I had a wallpaper border taped up for over a year! Can’t wait to see the final product.Oh BTW was that your designer that was voted off “Project Runway”? I told the girls I thought it might be.

  2. I remember my father painting the kitchen with a tangerine color, that was pretty on display in the shop. But once dry on our walls, believe me, you did not need to put the light on, the kitchen was litterally shining on its own 🙂

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