Take it further challenge January

This is the color scheme that Sharon from In a minute ago proposed for January, the first month of the Take it further challenge

Now, how does one go forward with this as the parameter?  What is the next step.  My first impulse, that I thankfully did not indulge, was to go shopping for perfect matches of fabric, yarn, threads.   No, I would dig around my own stash, and use what was available.  I didn’t have to look far.  Sitting in my studio, for months, has been my pile of coveted wool felt.  I also have had visions of penny rugs, folk art motifs, blanket stitch.  I was inspired by an article in a magazine about making wool felt coasters and trivets….these appealed to me.  So around the table, with a few friends, we started cutting felt and handstitching with pearl cotton.  Perhaps I will show you my first attempts, and theirs at another time.  But here is my finished product an exercise in design and color: my TIF January Challenge piece…. 


10 thoughts on “Take it further challenge January”

  1. Wow! Another penny rug maker. I am working on a penny rug as part of the Bead Journal Project. You can see some of my pages on my blog but they won’t be sewn together until after the whole year’s worth is done. My blog is http://freebirdsings.blogspot.com/. I do have one sample doily done as it was my trial to see if I wanted to use this format. I think it’s great in it’s simplicity and for it’s being a part of history.

    Yours looks so contemporary and pretty. I love it!

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