Movin’ in ‘da Mama

My SIL Patt has been working, organizing and designing mom’s new apartment.  Mom (my MIL) has undergone heart surgery this summer and after a hard couple of months is finally getting back to her vibrant enthusiastic self.   She made the decision to get an apartment in a senior community.  Its 3.2 miles from my house, and very near her other kids and grandchildren.   So, today was the unveiling, she had no idea what we have been doing.  We purchased a few new things, and scrounged the rest out of our basements.  Let me emphasize that Patt did the work, I helped a little and sewed up a few items.  

How about a slideshow:


One thought on “Movin’ in ‘da Mama”

  1. How cool! MIL looks very pleased! The apartment looks wonderful, very inviting!It will be nice having her near you so you can visit often. The place looks wonderful, very inviting! Sue

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